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Bucklands Community, situated on the lovely Fleurieu Peninsula, is a recent venture of the local charity, Aspire to Inspire together. Aspire2 provide an inclusive, calm, autism friendly safe space for people to engage and reconnect to their local community, by providing activities and services to nurture, inspire and explore the varied and vibrant talents of our community.  Bucklands Community is a child and vulnerable people safe environment. Policies are available on request.

We have a unique, calming and spacious environment which allows us to provide the opportunity of a diverse range of programs. These range from  life skills, horticulture and  agriculture programs through to art, craft, gardening, relaxation, mindfulness, informative workshops,  intergenerational skills sharing - mentoring programs, and indoor & outdoor activities for participants of all ages. 


Aspire2 is a small local autism charity helping individuals, families and professionals on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Through our funding and partnerships we deliver autism friendly, family fun, social events, programs, activities and workshops, that support the autism community in a holistic way. 


Hall for hire

Contact us for more information about the small hall we have for hire.

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Who is Aspire to Inspire Together ?

ABN: 85 933 014 130

p.o. Box 298, Goolwa SA 5214

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Aspire2 is a small autism friendly charity helping individuals, families and professionals on the Fleurieu since 2015.  Through our funding and partnerships, we deliver autism friendly, family fun, events, programs and conferences, to support the autism community in a holistic way. Aspire2 funds and partners with organisations and local government on projects and services to benefit the Autism community in the region.

Currently an estimate of 1 in 70 people are on the spectrum in Australia. If you consider the impact on the individuals themselves, as well as their families, this means autism is part of daily life for one million Australians.  

We believe in a brighter future for the autism community; over 50% of adults on the spectrum are unemployed. By providing children with the opportunities to connect and build skills while they are young, and supporting adults and teenagers learn life skills,  participate in community experiences and activities, helps improve this statistic and gives them the best chance to thrive and excel.

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